TRO55 Instrument Trolley

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TRO55 Instrument Trolley is designed to help medical staff easily store and transport medical supplies from one hospital room to another. 

Product Detail 

Complete Stainless Body 

Material - Full Frame Is Made Up Of High-Quality S.S. With Mirror Surface Polishing 

Craftsmanship - Imported Intelligent Robot Used For Welding Forming , High Precision, Smooth Surface, Strong/High Bearing Capacity 

3 Stainless Steel Shelves 

Push Handle At Both Sides 

3" Covered Castors, 2 With Brakes 

Railing On 3 Sides At Every Layer 

Round Tube Frame - Φ 1 x 0.047 inches & Φ 1 x 0.040 inches


26x18x35 inches 

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