STR50 Manual Stair Stretcher

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STR50 Manual Stair Stretcher is designed for the transfer of patients from home or coffin for its transport to the morgue or the funeral home. It is ideal for emergency staff to manually transfer patients going up and down stairs.   

Product Detail 

Scientific Design, Ergonomics, Simple Structure, Simple Operation, Reliable And Secure 

Widely Used In Old Age Homes, Hospitals, Hotels Etc... For Emergency Evacuation 

11 Process Epoxy Painting, ASTM Testing Anti-Bacterial, Paint Thickness 0.047 inches, Brightness 60°, Paint Can Resist 50kg Impact

High Strength Aluminum Alloy, Foldable Stretcher, Compact And Lightweight, Easy To Carry 

Can Climb Up And Down Stairs Smoothly And Steady By Rubber Track 

Can Move On The Ground As Manual Wheelchair 

Strong Grip Track, Prevents Glide Fall  When Stop On The Stairs

Backrest Height Adjustable, Meets Different Users

Foldable Stretcher, Storage Accessible 

Backrest With Folding Handle, Front Telescopic Handle, Easy To Operate 

PU Sponge Mattress With Adjustable Backrest And Detachable Pillow 

With Vest Type, Metal Buckle Straps, To Ensure The Safety During Transport 

4 Year-Resistant Rubber Wheels 


Full Size - 49 x 22 x 64 inches 

Folded Size - 49 x 22 x 13 


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