STA17 Stretcher Trolley

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STA17 Stretcher Trolley is used in hospitals to carry patients who aren't able to move from laying positions. It requires two people to operate the stretcher trolley. This stretcher trolley is designed to transfer patients as simple as possible. 

Product Detail 

Material Aluminum Alloy

Four Universal Swivel Wheels 

Bed Surface Of The Stretcher Is Made Of Foamed Cushion, Waterproof 

Back Is Adjustable Which Makes The Wounded Feel Comfortable 

Includes Safety Lock, It Must Be Locked Up When Transporting Patients, And Opened Out When Get on The Ambulance 

There Are Four Handles At Both Ends Of The Stretcher Which Can Be Pulled Out At Both Ends Of The Stretcher 

Includes Two Straps, They Can Bind The Wounded On Both Sides Of The Stretcher Frame


Full Size - 75 x 22 x 16 inches 

Net weight - 25.5kg

Load Bearing - 159kg 

Backrest 70° 

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