PTR60 Patient Trolley

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PTR60 Patient Trolley is used in hospitals to carry patients who aren't able to move from laying positions. It requires two people to operate the stretcher trolley. This stretcher trolley is designed to transfer patients as simple as possible. 

Product Detail 


200kg Limit Loading Capacity 

Panasonic Robotic Ensure 360° Full Smooth Welding 

Steel Hanging Crank, 100,000 Times Remaining Intact, It Can Be Folded Under The Bed When Not In Use 

Trolley Surface Is Made Of Powder Coated Steel, Smooth Surface No Welding Scar

Trolley Base Is Made Of Powder Coated Steel, The Trolley Frame With The Bumper Straps Could Reduce The Impact Force 

Aluminum Alloy Side Rail, 6-staff, Collapsed Type With Safe Lock 

TPR Tire No Worn Out After Running 30KM, Save Anti-Winding Hard Shell, United Forming Without Bolts  

Pass Dynamic Test - Bearing 120kg Run 30KM And Pass Obstacles 500 Time

Adjustable Stainless Steel I.V. Pole, Outside Diameter 19*1, Inside Diameter 16*1, Telescoping Scope 30 inches

Mattress 3 inch Thickness Flame Retardant High-Density Foam With PU Leather Cover 

Oxygen Cylinder Rack - Adjustable For Any Size Tank

Power Coated Steel Structure 

2 Manual Functions 

USFDA, CE, ISO, SFDA Approval 


Backrest Lifting 0-75°

Height Adjustment, 25-35 inches  

Load Capacity - 15KG

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