Hospital Bed 6 Functions Fully Electric Long Term Care Bed VIP Edition with Mattress & IV Pole (VP700)

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  • 6 FUNCTIONS: The Dargash VIP Fully Electric Bed Offers 6 adjustable functions by the press of a button. Elevation of the Head & Back . Knee rest elevation and lowering adjustment . Left-turning & right-turning adjustment. Chair position. Toilet Position and hair washing position.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: This Hospital bed offers a full array of safety features. Safety guardrail provides maximum safety to prevent patient falls using an unlocking system to prevent patients from accidentally lowering the guardrail. Electric 1 click reset button case of power outage. Mattress securing latch.
  • CARE FEATURES: Hand controller with LED light, Toilet basin, Hair washing basin, Automatic Turning option, IV pole, adjustable height with 4 hooks included.
  • SIDE TURNING: To reposition a patient and eliminate constant pressure that can lead to bedsores and pressure ulcers. You can set up an automatic side reposition that will turn the patient every 30 or 45 minutes.
  • TOILET POSITION: The bed will sit up in an upright position and the mattress has a removable part on top of the toilet basin.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOAM MATTRESS : The mattress is constructed with several foam pockets that will adjust according to the bed position. Our mattresses are designed with the latest technology to help prevent bedsores. Our quality Hospital Beds and Mattress Are Approved and recommended to be used in Hospital or in home care settings.
  • SIZE, WEIGHT LIMITS: Overall bed dimensions is 81 x 38 x 20. The Sleeping surface is 76 x 35" Weight of the bed is 220 lbs. The limit for safe operation of this bed is 550 lbs.


  • MOSTLY ASSEMBLED: The DARGASH ELITE 6 Function bed will be delivered mostly assembled only the siderails and wheels need assembly after delivery.
  • WARRANTY: The DARGASH Hospital bed comes with a 3-year warranty for the electric motor, and 5-year warranty for the frame of the bed

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