DM110 Mattress

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DM110 Mattress includes visco-elastic memory & polyurethane foam which adapts to the occupants body shape and position. This mattress is designed to provide support, distribute forces intelligently, mitigating the shear and pressure that causes bedsores. 

Product Detail 

Upper Layer: 

Material - Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

Thickness - 2 inches 

Density - 42-45kg/mm³

Firm Base Layer:

Material - Polyurethane Foam

Thickness - 4 inches 

Density - 40kg/m3

Characteristics - Very Elastic, Fire Retardant & Thermosetting, Sectional Design Works To Make The Mattress And Bed Surface Fit Well In Different Positions Such As Back-Rest and Knee-Rest Adjustment. 


Length- 76 inches 

Width - 33 inches 

Height - 6 inches

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