TRO84 Anesthesia Trolley

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TRO84 Anesthesia Trolley is specifically designed to store the medical supplies and tools required for anesthesia administration in a portable unit that can be moved as needed. 

Product Detail 

Powder Coated Column - Makes The Structure Of The Trolley More Stable And Firm 

Table Top - Stainless Steel Side Rail, Avoid Possible Fall Down During Movement Of Trolley 

Drawers And Cabinet - 1 Small, 1 Medium Drawer, Double Door Cabinet

Sliding Tray - Laterally Extendable Worktop

File Box - Side Attached File Box For Storage Or Paperwork 

Debris Basket - Side Medical Storage Basket 

Drawer Insert Dividers - ABS Inserts Inside, Which Can Be Separated Freely As Required

Trash Can - Incudes 2 ABS Dirt Buckets, Each Different Colors Which Can Distinguish Different Kinds Of Dirt

Drawer Card Holder - Card Insert From Downside, Easy To Maintain 

Anesthesia Frame - Anesthesia Frame Inserted Into Main Body Column 

Castor - 4 Nylon Wheels 


25x19x37 inches 

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