STA27 Stretcher Trolley

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STA27 Stretcher Trolley is used in hospitals to carry patients who aren't able to move from laying positions. It requires two people to operate the stretcher trolley. This stretcher trolley is designed to transfer patients as simple as possible. 

Product Detail 

 Can Be Placed Onto An Ambulance By Using The Pedals On Both Ends Of The Stretcher

160kg Limit Loading Capacity 

With 2 Safety Belts, Make Patient Safer

Side Rail Is Foldable 

Flame Retardant, Yellow Resistance, Mildew Resistance, Bending Resistance, 100,000 Times Wear Resistance 

2 inch Thickness High Density Foam, Density Resistance, Density Foam, Density 30kg/m3

Premium Aluminum Alloy Structure, More Stable, Light Weight 

5" Silence Caster, Advanced Protection Universal Brake Wheel, Easy To Move, Simple To Operate, Reliable Performance

Collapsible Height Adjustable I.V. Pole  


Full Size - 77 x 22 x 34 inches 

Lowest Size - 77 x 22 x 9 inches 

Net Weight - 40kg 

Load Bearing - 159kg 

Backrest - 70°

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