PTR95 Operation Connecting Trolley

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PTR95 Operation Connecting Trolley used to connect the patient from outside the OR room. The trolley platform can slide out to transfer patients from the trolley to the bed. 

Product Detail 

Baosteel From Fortune Global 500

Panasonic Robotic Ensure

360° Full Smooth Welding 

Environmental Plastic Can Be Sterilized In 100°C, Tensile Up To 30MPa

11 Process Epoxy Painting ASTM Testing Anti-Bacterial, Paint 0.0047 inch Thickness, Brightness 60°, Paint Can Resist 50kg Impact 

Metal Dust Protection For Crank System, More Endurable Than Plastic Cover

Robust Tube In Weight Bearing Structure 

Cover All Metal Screws With Rubber Cap, Protect Screws Form Possible Corrosion 

4 IV Pole Hooks

X-ray Translucent Platform, All ABS Material 

Four Double Sided Casters - 6 inch Diameter, Simultaneously lockable by the step pedal at both sides. 

Swivel Casters 

TPR Tire Doesn't Wear Out After Running 30KM, Save Anti-Winding Hard Shell, United Forming Without Bolts 

Pass Dynamic Test - Once Caster Bearing 120kg Run 30KM And Pass Obstacles 500 Times 


Length - 144 inches 

Width - 25 inches 

Height min. - 25 inches 

Height max. - 38 inches 

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