PTR50 Patient Trolley

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PTR50 Patient Trolley is used in hospitals to carry patients who aren't able to move from laying positions. This trolley is designed to transfer patients as simple as possible. 


Product Detail 

Leg Part Can Be Adjusted To Flat When Lifting 

Height Adjustment, 25-35 inches Upgrade Height Adjusting Mechanism To Avoid The Abnormal Sound During The Use

Limit Loading Capacity - 200kg 

The Stretcher Surface Made By Phenolic Compact Board, Much Thinner And Easier To X-ray 

The Whole Frame Used High Quality S.S With The Mirror Surface Polishing 

The Bed With Three Function, Controlled By Manual Cranks 

Aluminum Alloy Side Rail, 5-Staff, Knocked-Down Type, Tight By Screw, Easy To Change If It Is Broken 

The Bumper Strip Add Extra 6pcs Rivets On Each Side To Make Sure The Fastness 

5" Silence Caster. Advanced Protection Universal Brake Wheel, Easy To Move, Simple To Operate Reliable Performance 

Adjustable Stainless Steel I.V. Pole, Outside Diameter 19*1, Inside Diameter 16*1, Fixed Device Was Added To Ensure The I.V. Pole Is Stable 

Mattress - 3 inch Thickness High-Density Foam With PU Cover  


Length - 77 inches 

Width - 28 inches 

Height - 24-34 inches

Load Capacity - 15kg 

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