DX260 Electric Exam Table

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DX260 Electric Exam Table is designed and constructed to support patients in prone, supine or side lying positions during examinations.  

Product Detail 

2 pcs 2' Hidden Castors, 2 pcs 2' Universal Wheels

Back Adjustment - Can Choose Rachet Or Motor

Noise under 50dB

Stainless Steel Foot Bar System, Without Wear Or Tear After 5000 Times Of Use

CE Approved Motor, Thrust Reach 6,000 N

Flame Retardant, Yellow Resistance, Mildew Resistance, Bending Resistance,100,000 Times Wear Resistance

4 inch Thickness, High-Density Foam, Density 30 kg/m³

Engineering ABS Material Plug, Foot Pad

Paper Roll Holder 

2 Electric Functions 

USFDA, EN60601 Approval


External Length - 71 inches 

External Width - 27 inches 

Table Height min. - 19 inches

Table Height max. - 33 inches 

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