BD910 Blood Donation Chair

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BD910 Blood Donation Chair is designed for the comfortability of dedicated donors during a Blood and Blood Component Collections. This chair features a motorized positioning system for operator safety and donor comfort. 

Product Detail 

The Three-Section (back plate, hip plate, leg plate) Integrated Blood Collection Chair Is Ergonomic, Making The Transfusion Person More Comfortable. European Prototype Element Design

Environmental Plastic Can Be Sterilized In 100°C, Tensile Upto 30MPa 

11 Process Epoxy Painting, ASTM Testing Anti-Bacterial, Paint Thickness 0.0047 inches, Brightness 60°, Paint Can Resist 50kg Impact

Panasonic Robotic Ensure 

2 Functions, Back-rest & Leg-rest Lifting 

Back And Led Can Be Adjustable, Easy To Choose Chair Position And Bed Position 

22 inch Ergonomics Seat Height 

Handrail Plate Size: 20 x 7 inches, To Ensure The Patients Arm To Relax And Stretch Naturally To Provide A Safe And Comfortable Blood Donation Environment For Blood Donors  

Various Functions Can Be Manually Operated To Facilitate Blood Donor Control Of The Seat

Small Table ABS Small Table With Non-Slip Convex Edge, Tea Cup And Mobile Phone Groove Is Mounted On A Horizontal Rotating Crank Arm Post  

USFDA, CE, ISO, SFDA Approval 


Seat Size: 

Length - 22 inches 

Width - 41 inches 

Height - 47 inches 

Bed Size: 

Length - 22 inches 

Width - 65 inches 

Height - 19 inches 

Technical Configuration: 

Back-Rest - 0-70°

Leg-Rest - 0-90°


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